Antique Adaptation ~ Antique Rooster Rug Hooking Kit
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Here's an amazing rug that is dated 1800-1890, quite a span of time, but a great rug to be sure.  You can see the original rug in picture 2 but in true The Old Tattered Flag fashion, we decided to change it up a bit.  We chose a color palette to be more in fitting with our theme, but then antiqued the rug with walnut crystals. This kit is for the faded Red, white and blue version.  You will also get the walnut crystals which give it the antique look and really tone the colors down.  The pattern will come to you drawn on monks cloth and measures 20 x 27 inches.  If you prefer linen please choose the fabric option to the right. 

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Antique Adaptation ~ Antique Rooster Rug Hooking Kit

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