Cora's Garden Rug Hooking Kit
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This beautiful rug was designed by me and named for the original lady of the house Cora Countryman. Our house was built in 1831 and is a large stone home. I actually have a picture of Cora and her husband Heny hanging in the pantry. I like to imagine her strolling around the house tending her flowers, thus the name of this design. I designed it in 2013 but just finished tweaking it this year. Lots of flowers and curly vines make up a stunning work of art. The pattern is 28 x 44 and will come drawn on monks cloth.  If you would like your pattern drawn on Linen, please click the “Pattern Fabric” box and select Linen. Kits do not include hooks, if you would like to purchase a hook, please see our Supplies section.

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Cora's Garden Rug Hooking Kit

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