Dutch Tulip Rug Hooking Kit
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Oh Wow!!!  Here is an amazing design that I adapted from an antique scherenschnitte (paper cutting).  This is a segment of the entire original design and I enhanced it here and there for rug hooking.  We chose to go with muted tones of creams, tans and browns.  I have shown three photos as this one was hard to photograph.  The first color shows the rug taken with a flash.  The third duller photo is with no flash.  The colors come somewhere between, just a bit duller than the first photo.  The kit comes with all of these amazing woolens we used to create this beauty.  This pattern measures 20 x 30 inches and will come to you drawn on monks cloth. If you would like your pattern drawn on Linen, please click the “Pattern Fabric” box and select Linen. If you would like the pattern only please see our Rug Hooking Patterns "everyday" section.

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Dutch Tulip Rug Hooking Kit

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