Eagle Weathervane ~ Weathervane Series Rug Hooking Pattern
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Here's the Eagle in my Weathervanes of New England Individual Weathervanes Series. I have 7 other individual Weathervane designs available as well. Each design has a different border. How fun to hook all 8 and hang as a display or we also have the large rug pattern available, which has all 8 designs in one rug pattern, see picture 2. The Eagle design is 16 x 20 inches and is hand drawn on monks cloth. If you would like it drawn on linen, please check the option below, there is an additional fee. Watch for the finished rug soon along with a kit option. If you would like your pattern drawn on Linen, please click the “Pattern Fabric” box and select Linen. If you would like to make this pattern a Kit, please visit our Rug Hooking Kits section.

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Eagle Weathervane ~ Weathervane Series Rug Hooking Pattern

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