Gary's Garden Rug Hooking Kit
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I designed this pattern about 3 years ago and it is very sentimental for us as it shows the rock garden at our house in upstate NY. A friend of my Mother gave us two beautiful Hydrangea plants upon my fathers death and during his service the grandchildren planted the bushes in memory of him. The garden has really flourished over the past 3 years and is just beautiful. We have such fond memories of the house in NY, the garden and of course my father, so I am happy to be able to offer the pattern as it really is quite lovely!! Here's to you Dad!! It is 16 x 16 inches, we recommend it be hooked in a #6 cut as there is a lot of small detail and I think it would make a stunning pillow. If you would like your pattern drawn on Linen, please click the “Pattern Fabric” box and select Linen. Kits do not include hooks, if you would like to purchase a hook, please see our Supplies section.

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Gary's Garden Rug Hooking Kit

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